Feature Request: Pass Variable That's Not Selected/Displayed

Feature Request: Pass Variable That’s Not Selected/Displayed

I have a use case where the operator selects a “part name” from a dropdown. The selected “part name” then gets fed into a connector function that runs a POST call to an API. I have several other variables that also get passed along through this connector function – all of which were either previously selected for in other widgets, or are passed through a linked variable in a table. I’m unable to pass through a field for “part id” however without having to display it on the front end and having the operator select it/creating a linked variable. This type of field is not meant to be displayed, but still needs to be passed through.

I’ve found a workaround method that involves displaying the “part name” with the “part id” in the dropdown, and then using the splitstring to create two fields from it. This still runs into the issue of visually displaying the id field though so is not ideal. A solution that would allow us to pass a variable to a connector function that is not being displayed on the UI would solve this issue.

Hey Aparna, can you tell me a little more about “part ID”? Where is it coming from- a table field or a variable? Also, why is it that it should be automatically available? Is it because it is linked to part name in some case?

If a video makes it easier to explain, you can record one and upload here too :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin! In the API, each “part name” is associated with a corresponding “part ID.” These would be pulled into Tulip through a connector function as a variable. Like other fields, it could be displayed in a Table widget (such as with the following fields: “part ID”, “part name”, “quantity”, “size”). I would like to be able to select for “part name” in a dropdown, and have “part ID” populate in the trigger/connector function without having to be displayed or selected for. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hmmm. Are you aware that the “Interactive Table” widget can now take an array of objects as a data source?

If you use that widget, you should be able to select a single object and get all the properties associated with it:

Hi Kevin, yes I’m aware of that feature and have been using it. This is a separate use case for the dropdown widget. Having the same capability with the dropdown widget would be valuable.

Ahhh I understand now. Yes, I agree, this is a popular request! Will update this thread when we start work on this.


Sounds great! Thanks Kevin!