Using dropdown widget with Tulip table values

I put a simple dropdown widget on the screen and want to fill it with values from a Tulip table, this table contains only 2 fields, the id and a description of labratory, the dropdown should show the descriptions list.
I’ve tried to assign datasource of Tulip table record that I created but nothing happend, I tried to create an array of those values, but no success, I tried to create a connector function with API commands, so those values in test mode of the connector but no values in the apps,

Can anyone help me if this issue is even possible within the Tulip ?

Thank you,

hello @Amit, thanks for posting!!

it certainly is possible, here’s a guide on how to achieve this: Table records in a select option - #4 by gio

could you share a screenshot of the Outputs in the Connector Function after you’ve pressed ‘Test’, the Run Connector Function Action in the Trigger and the Variable the Dropdown is linked to??

Hi gio,
Here are the screenshot you requested :

  1. Connector function after pressing test :

  2. The trigger in app for calling the connector function :

  3. The linkage of dropdown on screen :

Now that you mentioned the function of map_to_text in your link, I must say that it was the first time I so the existance of this function, tried to use it inside my app and it wasn’t exists in the list of function, there was a similar one named “map_to_text_list”, I’ve tried to use it but don’t know how, I’m sure the reason for that is because of wrong configuration in the connector function level.

Thank you,