Tulip Single Select/Multi Select

i have a question about single select widget, i want to display a list of my table. i have tried the instructions in support, but every time the widget does not show me any options that i had stored in the table.

Hi @akramyahwar, welcome and thanks for the question. Would you mind sharing how you have this widget configured in the app editor? It will help me see if there’s anything unexpected happening.

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Here is my table and the trigger for my button, which loads the data from the table into the single select.

i just want the values from the table as a dropdown

Hi @akramyahwar,

I can’t see the connection between your Table and your trigger.

Usually I’d suggest to select “Table Aggregation” as data source in the single select options.

Make a Query thats only sorting the column, you’d like to yuse as selection values.
(In the Table Editor)
Make an Aggregation “Unique Values” on this coulumn.
(In the Table Editor)

Make the Query and the Aggregation available in the App Editor (“Records” Tab) and use it in the Single Select as Data Source.

I hope that helps.

i was trying it, it dont worked… maybe because my skills are too low, i just started to usw Tulip. Do u have maybe an example ? how its looking

The way I am doing it only works when I am selecting the record in an interactive table with the select button. I have to select the record and the trigger works. But I have to select the record I want each time.