Not able to fetch tulip records in single select

Not able to fetch tulip records in single select control.

hello @suvarnap, have you tried using the Interactive Table feature?? this will display a list of all the available Records in a Table and display them, you can then select individual records that brings up all the information in that specific Record. some information can be found here: Displaying Interactive Lists of Table Records Or Connector Output in Apps | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

here’s a quick demo.

  1. create a Record Placeholder to the Table you’d like to connect to:
  2. embed an Interactive Table:
  3. link the Table Record Placeholder to the Interactive Table:
  4. display the Table Record Placeholder

at this point, as you select the various Table Records, you will see all the information will be pulled into your App:

would this work instead of the Single Select?? let us know

Actually I want to fetch table records in single select only, Is there any option?

OK, in that case you need to

  1. create a Variable to tie to the Single Select and add all the options in the Dropdown (here’s a guide if you’d like this to be dynamic):
  2. add a Button to Load the Record Placeholder (you will need to first do step 1 from here)
  3. display the Table Record Placeholder:

is this what you’d like to build??