Trigger to Single Select Widget

how to add a trigger on single select control?

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adding a Trigger on a Single Select is not currently possible, although you can either:

  1. place a Trigger on a timer and check for the change of the Single Select
  2. add a button that checks for the value of the Single Select

alternatively, if you add an Interactive Table, you can place a Trigger on value change on that widget.

could you describe a little more of the use case and what you’re trying to achieve?? thanks again for posting!!

hello gio,
actually I am using single select control within my application and on its selection I want to add its value in tulip table .
So how can we do this?

OK, thanks for clarifying @suvarnap

to do that you will need to create a Table Record Placeholder and add a Button that 1. Creates a Table Record (if it’s not already loaded into the Table Record Placeholder) and 2. Data Manipulation > Store the Variable into the Table Record field:

does that make sense?? this Support Article has some useful information to achieve exactly what you’re describing: How To Modify Tables Within the App Editor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps

let us know if you have further questions.

Hi gio,
Thanks for your response but I don’t want to use button to save value in tulip table.
Is there any alternate option?


Option on Sigle select to have sometnihg similar to “Row selected” trigger on Interactive table control would be nice. That way I can use it to load record and dispay aditional data of selected ID to app user.

hello @ermingut, I agree with you that this would be a useful feature that would streamline App building.

do you think you could submit suggestion in Product suggestions - Tulip Community, so our Product team can track this and ask further details on your suggestion if necessary?? let me know if you have any questions!!

@ermingut @suvarnap One alternative to using the Single Select widget I’ve found is to use an embedded Tulip Table to achieve a similar result (as alluded to by the row selected trigger). You can set up the table to follow some hierarchical structure like what I’ve done here:

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 3.30.32 PM

In the app, you can setup an embedded Table to use a default filter to only return the highest level choices. Then, when you click on a row, you can determine if the row you’re selecting has sub-items, and change the filter, essentially repopulating the embedded table.