Manage Get API calls like Post API Calls

Hey All,

We LOVE using connector functions calling the Tulip API to create records. It really streamlines the triggers (suddenly a record create and 20 data manipulations are 1 action). See example below:

On the road of making as much stuff streamlined we are converting basically all of our record creation into this format. Unfortunatly we can’t currently use this approach to record loading and setting to app variables. When I create a GET request it returns an array of response outputs from the API. It would be incredible if instead, like post inputs, it would allow me to set each individual output to variables in the run connector action. Right now the flow is:

Run connector>set outputs to array>Set each index of array to the correct variable (1 action per variable)

This really doesnt save us any time or placeholder variables. If we could go:

Run connector>set what variables each output should be set to (all in the connector)

Basically, I’m just looking for the opposite of the POST call, with the outputs as something that can be set all within the connector function, like the inputs of a post.