GET function array output to Tulip table

Hi. I am currently learning connector functions and looking for a way to store the data I imported using GET function to the Tulip table.
The output of the GET function is following:

This output is returned to the app as an array. I know I have to convert the ID field integer to string. I have managed only to fill the first column of the table using triggers. I can’t find a way how to store data as follows:

  1. Array index 0 to column 1
  2. Array index 1 to column 2
  3. Array index 2 to column 3
  4. Array index 3 to column 4

good morning @Andres, great to see you’re starting to use Connectors!!

could you try storing the output as a Variable instead on an Array when you run the Connector Function??

here’s a quick demo. Weather in this example is a Variable, not an Array:

which is recommended as you can access all the elements in the Variable:

you can then access the individual elements in the returned Object as follows:

here is the dropdown where I selected temp:

finally, the Connector Function is:

let me know if this helps!!

Thanks, this solved the problem.

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happy to hear it @Andres, let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!!