"Go-to Step", Open a random Step

Hi Everyone, :tulip:

Thank you for working hard every day. I wonder if there is an alternative to open a random Step, or if it is possible to create a condition about it in the triggers.

If it doesn’t exist, a proposal would be this:

Hey @Jhondy -

Really curious what your usecase is here! this is a new one!

One way to achieve this is to store all step names to a variable, then use the go to step by name trigger action to go to any one of those steps.


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Yes, thank you very much.

I’m creating an App to evaluate a staff, I made 3 models of the exam and filtered them by stations, but the idea at first was that the user go directly to a random Step (first page of the evaluation) using “new transition”.

As Pete said, you need put all step name in to an array.
The use “get from index in array”,the index will be an expression “randbetween(0,X)” x is your length-1 of you array ,it means the range of array.
Last step is go to step by name (the name is decided by the item of the array you get)

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It Works, thank you guys!