Trigger function to change app by name

Is there any possibility to change to a different app defined by static text or variable?

Transition shown below allows me to change to step by name within the app.

Transition below lets me pick a different app and step from a dropdown

What I’m asking is for a combination of the 2 :face_with_peeking_eye:

User case is…
Manager assigns a list of tasks to complete a certain product.
Each task refers to a unique app.
The operator selects the task from an interactive table, then clicks start button.
The trigger function of the start button opens the relevant app for that task.
I would like the manager to define what app to use for a particular task (from a dropdown) during task assignment. instead of hardcoding lot of IF/ELSE statements.

Hi @Rakitha,

isn’t this waht you are looking for?
Or did I get you wrong?


Yes! Exactly what I’m looking for. I’m on LTS 8.2 version. Im guessing you have r23x. So I have to wait for the next LTS update. But this is good news. I can build my app the way I wanted. Thank you for your reply.