Step Names as Variables

I am looking for a way to add a variable field in my Master Layout that shows the name of the next step in the app. Is there a way to access that information dynamically? (i.e. Step Name of current step + 1…as well as maybe current step + 2).


hello @armandocapo!! thanks for posting, that’s a great question.

you can certainly do that by embedding a Variable and selecting App Info. here’s a quick guide.

  1. embed a Variable in your Master Layout:
  2. select App Info (instead of Variable):
  3. select Step Name from the dropdown:

at this point, the Step Name will be dynamically populated on the Step that’s currently open from the Player.

did I correctly understand your question?? let me know if this helps!!

Gio, thanks for your response. What I want to display is the name of the following step (not the current step) and possibly the one after that also (current step + 1, current step + 2).

Is that possible?

OK, thanks for clarifying @armandocapo. that’s certainly possible, but is dependent on how your Steps are named.

for example, you could add a Trigger (on the Master Layout) similar to this one that is placed on Step Opened:

texttointeger(@App Info.Step Name ) + 1 will add 1 to the Step name (if the Step name is simply numerical). you can also add the other ones you’d like (2, 3, etc.) with similar logic.

if you also have text in the Step Name, you can select specific parts by using left() or right().

does this make sense?? let me know!!

The step names are not numeric and are more descriptive. The users want to know what is coming up, that’s why we wanted to show them the names of the next step or couple of steps.

I thought they might be available similar to the list that pops up when adding a transition to a step in a trigger; the list of all steps shows up there. Is that list coming from some kind of array?

Adding a number to the step name would not help since what I would want to display is the text name of those following steps.

I thought of adding all step names to an array on an App Enter trigger, but that would have to be manually updated every time a step name is added or changed. I would then use an integer variable as an index of the array items I want to display.

ahh I see @armandocapo.

have you considered using a Table instead of an Array?? you could populate the Table with all the Steps in an App (along with the App Name in another field). ​you can then embed an Interactive Table with the upcoming Steps and filter by App Name.

if you’d like to join Office Hours tomorrow, we can certainly cover this!! here’s the signup page if this is something you’re interested in:

A table is another option.

However, I could see how it might not be updated at some point in time by someone making changes to the app.

Thanks for the invite tomorrow, but I have a recurring meeting at that time. I’m already actually planning to skip the meeting on 29APR2021 for the UAC. I might bring it up then. There’s no rush on this.