Ability to view a list of where a step is referenced in an application

Similar to the functionality around variables and table records, it would be very useful during development (perhaps in the Step pane on the right side of editor) to display a list of the elements dependent on that step. For example:
• a dynamic list of steps that navigate to that step
• underneath those steps, a list of the triggers/buttons/elements that reference the current step through navigation or otherwise (ex: a button using the step’s Step Name reference in an expression)

Hi @SRother,

Thanks for your development input. I would assume that you have the development mode on one window and the app builder in another to modify and change the triggers on each.

Just to be clear, you’re looking for steps that lead to the current step, and for each one of those steps, you’re looking for the trigger that would get to your current step. Does that align with what you’re asking for?



Yes. Similar to the variables. Each variable shows where that variable is referenced. Would be nice to have that same information for steps. Easily seeing where that step is referenced.

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