Release 224 - March 2022

These are the product updates coming out with release 224, we hope you like them :slight_smile:

:iphone: Apps

  • Searching through the app now supports Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters
  • Variables and table placeholders are now data sources in Image and Video widgets
  • Cleaned up styles in the context pane for button and text widgets
  • Added support for the definition of custom labels for column headers in Interactive Table widgets, field names in Table Record widgets, and property names in Variable widgets showing multiple properties of object variables
  • Hiding a table field on the table detail page no longer causes the context pane of the interactive table widget to crash

:bar_chart: Tables and Analytics

  • Users can now resize columns in table analyses
  • You can now pick fields from all relevant apps on in-app analytics filter for analysis covering several apps
  • Included option for resizing the images to a normalized scale when downloading a dataset from a Tulip Table
  • Fixed issues where table aggregation filter by metadata wasn’t working when aggregation runs in a trigger
  • Stations no longer appear as “Unnamed Station” in the in-app filter summary for an analysis widget

:woman_technologist: Variables

  • You can now navigate directly to where a variable is used from the app variable modal
  • Updated the error messages when creating duplicate variables
  • New variables of type object or object array now start with a default property
  • Enabled searching by name with new designs for selecting types
  • Fixed row height in the variable modal when applying filters
  • Expression editor tooltips now work on Safari

:eyes: Other

  • Edge - We now show the ethernet IP for the Edge Device instead of the WiFi IP
  • Player - Fix issue where an operator cannot run an app after automatically being logged out as an inactive user
  • HTTP connector host functions now work with embedded object lists inside other objects

Nice release 224 content!

Nice additions!!!Much awaited table column headers customization.

Is this a variable that can be used to change the column names? We would use it to show the correct language for the operator.

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.pdf and document widget soon?

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