Uniform handling of Variable / Table fields

Right now it seems there are two types of widgets for very similar things… a widget to display variable values, table aggregations and app information and another exclusively to handle table record information…

After all, aren’t they supposed to do the same thing?

I would love to see the same label option added like it already exists for the Input fields.

And please give it an option to also define a border not only a background color.

Hey @sebme -

Conveniently I have written feature requests for both of these things in the last month!

There is a whole bunch of work kicking off around better unifying the data model to unify tables records and variables. I often run into this when working extensively with connectors.

I added your feedback to my ticket about labels for for variable widgets, are there other widgets you’d like to have labels for?

I will write a request for configurable borders for variable widgets!

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