Enhanced data display widget

We often have the need to display various data to our operators in our apps. At present there seem to be the following options to accomplish this:

Option Problem
Misuse an interactive table widget without defining a linked placholder – disable selection capability – and arrange the columns needed probably not their intended use; seems to be quite resource intensive for simple display of data
Piece together a text field and a variable / table record display widget for each field of interest; replicate this over and over wherever needed Terribly time consuming to build and to maintain
Use the variable display / table record display widget max 3 field layout; limited display options
Custom widget Fixed data structure; difficult to maintain

This is the sort of output we would are looking for:

Header, field value, arranged next to each other (or horizintally or vertically), with an option to determine the alignment of the text and a way to say which column should auto-expand to fill up space.

Current option chosen: A mix of “custom widget” and “misused interactive table widget”.

I have the same issue. There is no great way to display an object.
I want do define the direction and based on that fix the column or row count
I also want to change the column width individually
Additionally I would like to define a gap size.
(similar to html grid)

This would allow for all of these patterns/layouts (and more):


@sebme @thorsten.langner thanks for the suggestions and the extra details. This is an area of the product that we are starting to look at more and this will be helpful!

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