Enhance interactive tulip table widget with custom formatting / data interpretation rules

Not sure if a similar request is already there, but during a quick search I could not find a good match…

Consider a table like the following:


As you can see I have a status column in there which contains some information about the current state of the record. Now, I would like to give the operator a different representation of that column, i.e. a color based on the value in the field, or a different (language-specific) display value to show instead.

Currently, the best I could come up with to get close to this outcome would be to build my own custom widget to handle this. However, this has considerable drawbacks. One of the most prominent is that I would have to create a custom widget specifically for every use-case as custom widgets currently do not allow for a dynamic data structure to be ingested.

I hope this will get enhanced in the near future.