Custom labels for table columns

I see value in having the option to change the display names of columns in interactive tables and widgets that display object variables with multiple attributes. The default column or attribute names don’t always reflect the context of how the data is being used (or even look nice) so I’d like the flexibility to manipulate that at the point of presentation.

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Good afternoon @MoPositive,

Thanks for sharing this, this is a great idea!

The product team has been notified of your suggestion and we’ll keep up posted as there are updates.

I have seen this solved quite well by using Text Widgets as labels (on Table Record Placeholders, although it could also work on Interactive Tables). Let me know your thoughts.



On Interactive tables, I can’t control the column sizes and they are adjustable by the operator, depending on what data is shown. If I put labels over the column headers, I lose the ability to adjust the column width, not to mention the labels might not even line up with the columns, I suppose.

Thanks for the report @MoPositive.

As for the first request around renaming, this is a good idea and we are going to consider this alongside an upcoming project called “Table Queries” where you will be able to predefine queries outside of apps.

As for the column size, we are investigating that as a bug.