Interactive Table dynamic layout


Need some help on Interactive table widget:

  1. Currently the interactive table structure is tightly coupled with the Tulip table it is linked to i.e. the name of the columns are taken from the table it is linked to. Could it be possible to set custom column headers for the interactive table while designing the widget?

  2. We need to store and display many different sets of custom datasets. Even though we could create a Table and store the values as key /value pair scattered into different records, we need to show the keys as header. Is there a way to read the key values from different rows and transform the data set 90 degree to show it as headers, corresponding values as rows. Basically prepare a custom dataset from Tulip Table and map it to Interactive Table?


Hey @aagarw73 ,

Happy to help!

  1. The “Interactive Table Widget” is truly just a display of a Tulip Table within the app. Being a display of the table, it’s currently not possible to change/edit the column labels (headers) of the table from within the App Editor. One solution that might work for you, if you haven’t already explored this route, is to try and use text widgets over the column headers.


  2. I’m curious to know the interest in saving this in an interactive table? Is it for simplicity of display purposes/cleaner UI, or is it because you’d ultimately like to save this within a Tulip Table?

Depending on your answer to that question, there might be a few different directions we could go to build a workaround here. Could you please provide some more clarity around what you’re trying to achieve/working with? (Screenshots are always helpful :slight_smile: )