Change label legend analytics

Dear All,
Did someone manage to modify the legend in the analytics ?
I guess we need to use this customize slot, but I cannot figure out how to save the change.
Thanks by advance !

hello @pte!! it is indeed possible to save custom names for the Legend on Analyses, although it may not the easiest thing to find.

  1. scroll down in the pane:

  2. click the Save button, which will update the Legend:

could you let us know if you’re able to find this?? if not, could you confirm the Zoom level on your browser?? thanks for posting!!

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Hahaha thanks you Gio, I was sure the answer would be simple but I think Tulip should check it out because I cannot see it with 100% zoom (default). And I cannot scroll down if I don’t reduce the zoom level on my browser.

OK, no problem @pte!!

that’s interesting that you can’t see the Save button with 100% zoom. I have reported this issue to our Engineering team, and they will be investigating what could be causing this issue.

do you know the resolution of the screen you’re currently using??

thanks for reporting this!!

Yes it’s weird :sweat_smile: Hereunder is my screen resolution :

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thanks @pte, I have shared this with the Engineering team. we’ll keep up posted with updates.