Allow adjustment of 'Clear on Comp/Save for Analysis' when adding Var from Widget sidebar

Being able to add new variables through the widget sidebar is great (versus going in to App → Variables), but I don’t have the option to toggle clear on completion and save for analysis when doing so.

Additionally (or alternatively), being able to change the defaults for both toggles when creating new variables would be great. For example, we have a ton of variables that we were lazy with the ‘Save for analysis’ toggle and I had to go back and disable 90% of them. It would be much better to be able to default to not saving (if desired) and only enable the ones we care about analyzing.

Tangentially related but didn’t feel like it warranted a new post. Need better visibility of color variable names - if the name is too long, I can’t see what it is. Ex: we often use “Variable Name [1-6]”, so I can’t see which of the 6 variables are currently being used.