How do you use a QR code printer?

Hi all,
we are discussing the use of QR code printer to lable our assembly groups.
So my question is: How do you use this theme?
Via a windows/apple programm from a PC, via an online service or via tulip? - i know there is no native QR code generator widget up to now.
At the moment we are using the service.
Any suggestions?
Regards Chris

Hi Chris,

This thread from a few months ago might be helpful for you!

Hi Jacob,
i know this article, but my question is more a a start of a general discussion of handling QR codes.
So i take a look at the zebra driver and gateway it needs.

Regards Chris

hello @ChrisF, there are actually 2 Drivers available for Zebra printers now. while one does require a Gateway, this one: Using the Zebra Network Printer Driver | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps doesn’t need a Gateway to work.