List of label printers that are non-zebra that people have been using?

Hey guys!

I am trying to shop around and do some heavy reading into some label printers that might be decent alternatives to using a Zebra model. If anyone has any they are using with Tulip and really are enjoying right now I would greatly appreciate the info (I will buy you a digital beer!).


Hey Matt,

  1. Is there a reason you are unable to go with a Zebra model?
  2. How were you hoping to connect Tulip to the printer(s)? Over a usb/serial connection? Wi-fi?

Tulip currently has native integration with ZPL, the Zebra printing language. There are quite a few Brady printers which are able to accept and interpret ZPL. Link here. There may even be others which can interpret ZPL.

Hey Matt,

I would also add that the Serial driver is pretty powerful in this regard - we, for example, use serial connection to our label printers over in China to avoid network config.

For serial connections, you just send raw ZPL over your device’s COM port - no extra formatting or drivers required. This makes wired connections to our Zebra printers pretty painless, and I would expect it would be similar with other serial printers as well.