About zebra printer ZD series

Hi All,

Does anyone use the ZD series of zebra printers?
I tried to buy the GK series, but it seems to have been discontinued.
The ZD series seems to be the successor to the GK series.
I would like to know if the ZD series is compatible with Tulip.

Please let me know if there are any other printers you recommend.


As long as the printer accepts ZPL you’ll be fine. Not sure if 3rd party print servers will now work (didn’t last year) with Tulip. I had to order mine with Ethernet capability (RJ45 port on printer) instead of serial connection (you can make it work serially as well). I have printed to GK420d’s and ZT410’s on our network as well without issue.


Thank you for the reply.
I check if this printer supports ZPL.

@de-noguchi I run Zebra ZD420’s and they’ve been working great with Tulip…


Thank you for the reply.
I’m glad to hear this information.
I’m going to go ahead with this.

By the way, which options did you add?
I’m wondering if it’s Ethernet or Wifi.

I connect using a static IP and haven’t had any issues with that. I haven’t tried Wifi.


Thank you for your information.
I’ll give it a try.