Brother QL-1060N

Hi, Can I use this labelprinter with Tulip? :grinning:

@k.ober, what do you think?

hey @Magne !

The answer is, unfortunately…probably! When using Print functions in Tulip (with the exception of Zebra Printers), Tulip will simply use your computer operating system’s print dialog. So, that is to say, if it works with your computer it will (very likely) work with Tulip as well.

I recommend using Windows computers for these operations for the best result.

Thank you, We have now added the network printer on the computer. Is there any DYI for this?

to print with this printer, use the “Print Step” and/or “Print App” Trigger Functions. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly the next steps further as this will open your PC’s normal print dialog - but, as long as your printer is correctly set up on your network, your PC should be able to find it. Perhaps this may help?