Code-39 Barcodes and 2D Data Matrix Barcodes

Hello Tulip Team,

We have customer requirements to produce Code-39 barcodes, and ECC 200 Data Matrix Barcodes on a packing slip that is generated using Tulip. This requirement cannot currently be met with Tulip alone because currently the platform only supports the creation of Code-128 and QR Barcodes.

We are currently satisfying this need using 3rd party APIs, however these APIs are subject to being deprecated and we can’t guarantee the data we are sending is as secure as it would be within the Tulip ecosystem. Not to mention the processing time for those API requests vs. how quickly they could be generated with the Tulip platform. This could be a cost savings of $900/year for us that we could directly attribute to Tulip.

We would need to be able to also pass ASCII control characters to the 2D barcodes as well (, , EOT, etc.)