Code-39 Barcodes and 2D Data Matrix Barcodes

Hello Tulip Team,

We have customer requirements to produce Code-39 barcodes, and ECC 200 Data Matrix Barcodes on a packing slip that is generated using Tulip. This requirement cannot currently be met with Tulip alone because currently the platform only supports the creation of Code-128 and QR Barcodes.

We are currently satisfying this need using 3rd party APIs, however these APIs are subject to being deprecated and we can’t guarantee the data we are sending is as secure as it would be within the Tulip ecosystem. Not to mention the processing time for those API requests vs. how quickly they could be generated with the Tulip platform. This could be a cost savings of $900/year for us that we could directly attribute to Tulip.

We would need to be able to also pass ASCII control characters to the 2D barcodes as well (, , EOT, etc.)

Hello Tulip Team. Well the 3rd party API seems to be only working intermittently. A Tulip Code-39 barcode solution would be the most optimal for us at this point. Has anyone had a chance to see this thread?

hello @joey.wheeler, thanks for posting.

just to confirm, are you seeing intermittent functionality on the API or are you using another one?? thanks!!

We are using a different API to generate Code-39 1D barcodes.

@gio any updates on this?

hello @joey.wheeler, there aren’t any updates just yet - I have asked the product team to investigate this and they’ll be providing an update here.

in the interim, have you considered using the API?? I am able to generate both the Code-39 and 2D Data Matrix barcodes using this tool:

Connector Function
select concat('',$Data$,'&code=Code39FullASCII') as "Code-39"


could you let me know if this solution could work for your application?? thanks

It looks like this solution will require us to pay for a subscription in order to use for commercial use.


We are really trying to eliminate the risk of a 3rd party API getting deprecated or not being setup right. A native solution would still be best.

One thing I am looking at is using a SQL connector to decode a base64 string and then return it as an image in a connector. @Het has been very helpful in trying to support this.

This feature is for a multimillion dollar contract for us so if it is possible to escalate this in priority we really would appreciate the help.

Hi @joey.wheeler,
Just wanted to let you know that product team is currently investigating and evaluating a timeline for this feature. We will keep you posted.


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Thanks for the update @dominique.koehl I’m not sure how quick we can expect to hear back from you. The sooner the better so I can let our customer know we are working towards a solution.

@joey.wheeler @gio Hello, is there any update for this? An expansion of barcode generation would be great. I specifically would be interested in generating EAN-13, but in general being able to create any of the barcodes supported by the Optical Barcode Scanner widget would be incredibly useful.

hello @ulisesgomez, thanks for bringing this back up. I have asked our product team for an update, and we’ll be sharing an update soon.

however, I would like to point out that this ticket is for Code-39 Barcodes and 2D Data Matrix barcodes, not EAN-13. could you create a new topic in Product suggestions - Tulip Community for our product team to evaluate?? thanks!!

Great to hear and yes I can

You could accomplish the same thing with a Zebra printer and some ZPL scripting know how. That’s how we print labels with code 39/128 barcodes and human readable characters. The same thing can be done with a DM code (see below).

Programming Guide (

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@DewyWCI Thanks for the suggestion! That might just be the solution

@gio I’m going to put that feature request on hold and see if this could work for my use case

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hello @joey.wheeler @ulisesgomez, I just wanted to share the recent update from Tulip (Release 214 - September 2021) that includes newly supported barcodes.

were you able to test out these new features?? let us know if you have any questions!!