Bug: printing a step using the web widget and googleapi for generating a QR code

Hi all,
after a long time investigating in the issue that a step with a QR code (via web widget and googleapi.com) can not printed, i found out, that the webpage widget can not handle the generated QR code picture from googleapi.com and the printing routine from the tulip player hangs.
When i replace the webpage widget with a sql connector function to generate the QR code, tulip can print the step without any problem.
To reproduce this issue add the webpage widget with the fixed URL:
add a button with the trigger “print steps: this step”
run the player: the QR code appears
click the print button and select a printer from the list (i tested it with PDF and physical printers)
the print out hangs, no PDF will be created; you have to crash the player

this is reproducable on different stations and computers.

So: why can not print the player the googleapi result? What is the player waiting for?

this phenomenon cost me a lot of time and gray hair :wink:

Regards Chris

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Regards Chris

Hey @ChrisF ,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had with trying to print this QR code!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce what you saw.
I was able to print that QR code (embedded as a webpage widget) in both the Player, and in Dev Mode.

Here’s the PDF in Dev Mode:

Could you share what version of the Player you’re running, and possibly logs from your Player as it hangs in this state?

To see your logs click ‘Developer’ > ‘Toggle Developer Tools Content’