Issue with printing from Tulip player

Hi Team,

I’m getting an issue with Tulip player while printing the report page,
When I click the print widget, the part of the print page is cut off. Example, in date section (02-01-2023, here year 2023 goes off) even i tried using landscape. Doesn’t print full Content. Any idea how to resolve this?


Hi @Kasilingam.samy,

Are you matching the print dimensions to the app dimensions? It’s possible there’s a mismatch here that is causing this behavior. If yes, would you be able to share which version of the Tulip Player you’re testing on?

The version is LTS 7.2

How can we match printer dimension with app dimension?

We had the same issue.
I was told it is a known bug TULIP is working on.

As long as this issue exists you can set the TULIP-Player to the Alpha Channel and work with this older version. This works fine for us.

After choosing Alpha you have to look for updates again and it will load the old version of the player.



Yes grant, it’s working now.
May i know when this bug will be fixed in production version?

And what is the impact of using Alpha version instead of product version?

Alpha is just an earlier Version (last update not included).
Surprisingly it still worked fine at my PC after changing back to Production Version, once I chose Alpha before. This feels as a strange behaviour to me.