Maintenance Event - June 2024

Hi all,

As part of Tulip’s new policy for maintenance events, we plan to post announcements in advance to Community. This post is to inform customers that Tulip will be performing planned maintenance within the June 2024 window.

What work is being performed?

Tulip must update certain hosted services to be compatible with a renewed root certificate authority.

Who is impacted?

This maintenance work will impact all regions.

What is the impact of the work?

This maintenance is defined as medium-level impact. Instances are expected to experience a loss of service for less than 10 minutes while the work is being performed.

When is the maintenance happening?

Please refer to our Maintenance Event Schedule to determine the date and times for regional maintenance windows.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, or


Please could you write the starting time and the end time explicitly in the table?

You just write one single date, but we will not be able to tell if that the date is about the 10 PM starting time or the 2AM ending time.

Please also write the date time in ISO 8601 format so that we will not be confused whether we should consider dayligjht saving time or not.

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