Release 282 - June 2024

Hello everyone

I’m excited to introduce Release 282! With this, the Operator Chat Widget is now available for all to use! There’s new compatibility for the User Groups closed beta testing, as well as updates and UI improvements throughout the platform.

Here are some feature in this release worth highlighting:

  • We’ve extended the Vision Trial and added a new Vision usage page to track station history
  • Configure the horizontal alignment for fields in table analyses
  • UI updates to Automations and Connectors pages
  • eSignature compatibility with the User Groups beta feature
  • I’ll say it again: Operator Chat Widget!!

There are also some performance improvements and bug fixes that were reported by users.

View the full 282 Release Notes here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!



Did you say, Operator Chat Widget???

But in all seriousness, this is such a cool feature! For those who attended the Frontline Copilot Build Better, you’ve seen this demoed before from @Pete_Hartnett, but I included a snippet of that session here so everyone can see it in action!


Hi all,

As part of this release, we will also be rolling out changes to unassigned player device behavior. You can read more here!




Big improvement to the connectors page!


Hey @danielpomeranz,

I think you probably figured this out given your post deletion. If anyone is looking for where used references for connectors after the re-design, selecting the connector itself will open a side panel listing this information :slightly_smiling_face:

CleanShot 2024-06-28 at 15.25.49


Thanks… I actually struggled finding it.
Unfortunatly the information “Http” or “SQL” is also hidden now…
To me it gets harder to manage. Again :frowning:

Hey @thorsten.langner -

Thanks for the feedback - Adding this, and/or adding this back as a filter is a reletivly small change that we can add back to the list view. We removed it initially for a few reasons:

  1. The average customer who is using connectors has 8 connectors, managing a list of this size generally doesn’t require filtering or sorting, or tons of information at the list level.
  2. Usage of the historic filter on this page was almost non-existant - leading us to believe that this wasn’t super useful information for our customers (so we moved it to the side pane). Disproportionatly customers that had significant connector lists were using search over filters to find their connector (which is why we left this mechanism).

I will make a ticket to get this added back - Would you just like this back in the list view (as a column), or were you also making use of the filter on this page?

Thanks for the feedback

Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

thanks for your answer.
The info column HTTP/SQL is very useful.
The filter as it used to be was actually not often in use (so don’t worry to much about that), but I had in mind you were working on providing more… I was hoping for filtering by connector host e.g.
And what I’m waiting for so long is filtering by App where it is used…
Also a column IF the connector is in use was discussed before, since the where used is hidden now (for reasons).

so I was just irritated, that (again) less information is provided on the first view…