Community Spotlight: Meet Abigail Tingley!

Introducing Community Spotlights! These are special features to introduce you to the awesome folks working beside you in the Tulip Community :slight_smile:

This month, I am so excited to feature Abigail Tingley (@zeiglera), a Development Manufacturing Engineer who has a passion for creative problem-solving, an eagerness to always learn new things, and a human-centric approach focused on serving the operators on the shop floor.

In her 2 years or so with AirBorn, she has already had such an impact with her work that it landed her AirBorn’s Innovation of the Year Award!

Learn more about Abigail by reading the the full spotlight linked below!

Want to get to know Abigail more? Say hi or ask her a question in the comments of this thread!


Hi Tulip Community! It’s an honor to be this month’s Community Spotlight, and I look forward to chatting with all of you.