Hi All - John From Tulip

Hey Folks, I want to kick off this category by introducing myself. I’m John, and I lead the Product Education team at Tulip. I’ve worked here for a little over four years. I started in marketing, and have worn a lot of hats since.

My background is kind of all over the place. Before Tulip I did a Phd in music and before that I was briefly trying to make it as a professional trumpet player. That said, I think it took 5 minutes of interviews with folks at Tulip to be sold on manufacturing and operations. There’s always a ton more to learn, and I think my favorite part of this job is learning about how things are made, and working with the people who make them.

I’ve met a lot of you around the community and in office hours, but if I haven’t please say “hi” sometime!

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Hello I’m William from China. Now I work for local company as lean consultant, also support MES and digital plant project.
I hope to communication about my issue and get support. Meanwhile I can support your concern about China manufacturing.
I worked for more global company in China, such as Caterpilllar, Cummis, Terex, Alstom, Siemens etc.
Hope we have more communication.

Hi William! Welcome to Tulip Community :slight_smile:

You can post any questions you have that you would like answered in the [Support, Troubleshooting, & App Help - Tulip Community] category

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you with Tulip!