Hello there from Chris

Hey there, fellow Tulipians! :tulip:

I’m Chris, a freelance Tulip expert with a passion for digitalization and automation of production processes, from Germany. With several years of experience in production and MES, I’ve seen firsthand how Tulip can transform and streamline operations. Whether it’s customization or integration projects, I’m here to help solve problems, share knowledge, and connect with others in this fantastic community.

Tulip is an amazing platform that fixes so many industry issues, and I’m excited to be part of this journey. Let’s learn, innovate, and make production processes smoother together!

Feel free to reach out – I’m here to help, chat, and meet new friends in the Tulip world! :rocket:


Hey @chrniem, welcome to the community, and thanks for introducing yourself! Looking forward to seeing you around, and looking forward to seeing what you build :factory:

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