Nice to meet you of all from Harvey

Hi everyone
My name is harvey, i am a new one to Tulip. I am very glad that our company want to introduce the wonderful app of Tulip. i am an senior engineer in production field and i am from Shanghai China. I was just finished the essential course of Tuilp in Tulip university and got the certificate of it. after these couse i am very happy and very interested in Tulip. I think it is a very new word to me and i believe it must bring the huge change to production for efficiency and capacity and will friendly to people who involved in production which is on floor, that is all and nice to see you guys again and i hope that i can learn more and get out of trouble when i am using the Tuilp from this community.


Hi Harvey, welcome to Tulip Community and thanks for introducing yourself! We are so happy that you can already see the value of Tulip and are excited to start using it more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Community with nay questions as you dive in :slight_smile: