We want to get to know you! Introduce Yourself

Hi folks! I know some of you have been Tulip Community members for years, while others may have just signed up this month - but regardless of who you are and how long you’ve been here, we would love to make this a space where people get to know each other.

It’s much easier to cultivate an environment of support, sharing, and connection when there’s a sense that we know each other.

So if you feel comfortable, go ahead and let us know a little about yourself!

You can post your introduction as a new topic in the Introduce Yourself - Tulip Community category.

Feel free to use the template below:

  • :construction_worker_man: Role:
  • :earth_americas: Location:
  • :tulip: Experience with Tulip:
  • :busts_in_silhouette: What are you hoping to get from the Tulip Community?
  • :laughing: Fun fact: