Getting Started with Tulip

New to Tulip and want some help getting started? We have you covered :slight_smile:

  1. If you don’t have Tulip already, you can request a free 30 day trial here:

  2. This Knowledge Base (KB) is a collection of articles, videos, and documentation to help you learn how to use Tulip. This KB article covers all the resources we offer and gives you a great starting point:

  3. Ready to go back to school? Tulip University is a free, on-demand resource for learning Tulip. To dive into the basics of building applications in Tulip, you can take our Tulip University Get Started Course

  4. We also have something really neat called the Tulip Library, which is a collection of ready-to-use content developed by Tulip experts. A great template for you to start with as you are learning to build apps is the Library Design Template. You can import it into your instance from the link here:

  5. Last and certainly not least, you can get live help from a Tulipian and other Tulip users during one of our 3 office hours sessions that we host weekly. Check out the Office Hours Category to get more details and save the meeting links!

If you have any questions as you’re setting up, feel free to reply below - your questions may include:

  • User account creation
  • Navigating your Tulip Instance
  • Downloading the Player
  • Installing library apps
  • Working in the app editor
  • Any other questions you may have about getting started with Tulip

We can’t wait to see what you build with Tulip!!

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