Boom. New educational resource: Tulip University

Do you know how many times someone has asked me, “Do you have any videos to explain this darn tool?”

And, embarrassingly, the answer was always:

“No, I haven’t had the time to build those yet.”

Good news: no more excuses! We now have a complete series of 35 videos and challenges around app building. They cover a lot of the applications we’ve seen in Tulip over the past five years, including:

  • Work Instructions
  • Traceability
  • Production Visibility
  • Quality
  • … and more

The goal of Tulip University is to make Tulip - which we know can be a little daunting - much easier to get started with.

New users shouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel every time they want to build a new app! Chances are, another Tulip user has likely created a similar app in the past.

The University is composed of 7 courses, all totally completely free. You can sign up here, and you will receive a digital certification from Tulip for every course that you complete!

Here’s a preview of the home page:

Who Should Use It: Tulip University is meant for any member of the production team that wants to build and edit apps. This includes quality, automation, manufacturing and process engineers… and line supervisors. And associates. And plant managers that like new technology.

How It Works: Each course includes a real-world problem that you will need to solve. You have probably experienced the problem on your floor in the past. Then, the course has a series of 4-5 videos that show you how to solve the problem. Each is followed by a small challenge.

At the end, you will submit your challenges and a Tulip team member will review them and provide feedback. Beware: we pay attention to the details.

Prerequisites: You need an invite to your company’s Tulip account before you can successfully use the University. The fun is in actually building the apps in Tulip U, so you should make sure to have your own login.

When To Start: You should use the University in the week or days before you start building apps. Much like learning a language, you will retain more of the content if you apply your skills immediately after learning them.

We’re excited to get your feedback on the first batch of Tulip U courses, and are actively working on additional courses. Please give feedback in the comments below!