Request a Course

Is there a use-case you’d like to build? A feature you could use help with? Put your requests for new courses in here.

Using the Tulip platform it is very evident that the Tulip team has some very good UI/UX people on the team. A bonus Tulip University course covering some UI basic concepts would be awesome.

Hey @joey.wheeler, thanks for the request. We actually have a UX/UI/app design best practices course like this in the works right now!

Since you asked, would you mind saying a little bit more about what you’re looking for in a course like this? It would help us make our content as useful as possible.

Sure. Here is a list of things that would be good to know.

  1. Basic design principles
  2. UX mapping
  3. How to conduct a user test
  4. Tips and Tricks specific to Tulip platform
  5. Show some example layouts with good design

Thanks, @joey.wheeler, this is a great list and all things we can account for as we build out this module.