Design Principles by Tulip Designer, Zixuan Li

hello all,

during Office Hours on 2021-02-18T05:00:00Z, we were joined by @ZixuanLi from the design team at Tulip. @ZixuanLi walked through some interesting concepts that are important to keep top of mind while designing apps that are easy to use.

@ZixuanLi’s presentation can be viewed here:

let us know your thoughts and if you have questions for @ZixuanLi on the UX/UI of your apps!!

  1. It would be really interesting to have a section with different UI template app in the application library : different design system, different screen size.
  2. Second good UI doesn’t mean good UX, specially with connected devices. Will be great to have a session about how build a good UX taking account frontline worker gesture for example
  3. Features « as hotjar » directly in Tulip can be a great feature to improve UX/UI.

hello @youri.regnaud, thanks for your response!! a couple of notes:

  1. this is indeed a really interesting idea. I’ve highlighted it with the Library team at Tulip who will be evaluating adding the templates used to build apps into the library.
  2. we can certainly host an Office Hours focused on the important factors to consider when designing apps with a strong UX. keep an eye out in the upcoming Office Hours for when it’s scheduled!!
  3. what are you referring to with “as hotjar”??

thanks again for your feedback and suggestions, we appreciate it!!

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