June App Competition [Design]!

hello all,

welcome to the second June Tulip competition!! for this month’s competition, we’re giving away a special prize - a dedicated coaching sessions with Tulip Designers to help improve the usability of your app!!

do you have an app that you’re using at your operations on a regular basis but could do with more attention on the design?? if so, we’d love to help you improve the UX/UI, app layout and visual design on your app!! Tulip Designers, @ZixuanLi and @harshikajain will walk you through improvements you can make on your app to make it more user friendly in a 1:1, hour-long session.

to submit your entry, add a screenshot of your app along with a brief description of the use case. as always, the post with the most likes wins the competition. the deadline for this competition is 2021-07-02T04:00:00Z.

we’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!!

Hey there,

Submitting a few screen shots of a design motif between several of our apps,
(I acquired my design inspiration from chess.com)

Once entering a WO ID from a production ticket QR code.

An operator moved forward in the app, which is now populated with ERP data utilizing an API.
-Bill of Materials is listed along with other order details.

The buttons along the base allow users to pause the app for breaks, access the menu and skip back out of the app etc.

Buttons along the top give access to other features,
(You’ll note some of my quickly implemented features are the colored buttons :eyes: )

In turn it looks quite cool, but does not scale/behave very well,
-I used some clever tricks for aesthetic purposes, but those tricks in consequence can prevent users, other than myself, to efficiently contribute to the app >.<

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congratulations to @dave for winning the 2nd monthly Tulip App competition!! interesting to read more about some of the techniques you’re using to build the user interface for your apps. we’ll schedule a session with @harshikajain and @ZixuanLi in which we walk through some of these apps and provide recommendations on improving the UI for your app suite.

thanks again for posting!!

In Mexico We are using an app to report maintenance issues, We ´ve replaced paper orders and now we have benefits as:
Easy maintenance orders creation, select priority of your order (related to safety, quality, production stop, none of above), maintenance supervisor is warned by cellphone message, received orders and change status also it is able to inform to supervisor in case need it (damage due to bad use) and assign order executor and order approver. Additional to this , We digitize following up to specific order and order status tracking.


Hi ,

Also we are running an app to report a condition or act unsafe into the plant , benefits :

  • Report Act and unsafe condition anytime
  • Able to take picture to use in quickly safety meeting
  • Operator could report an unsafe act or condition easier than in peace of paper
  • Feedback and status is recorded
  • Additional visual aid to reinforce with operators
  • Able to inform by email to supervisor or safety manager in case the unsafe act or condition is a big safety risk or has been presented several times
  • Section to review report details
  • Authorized persons can change the status report
  • Dashboard updated anytime to following up status and areas where is reporting acts or unsafe conditions
  • Take immediate actions to continuous improvement