May 2021 App Competition [Most Interesting UX/UI]

hello all,

welcome to the 5th annual App Competition!! for this month’s competition, we’re giving away a Tulip branded swag box (including a picnic blanket, a t -shirt and stickers!!).

for this competition, please share your apps that make use of interesting UX/UI. whether it’s a clever use of an image as a button, or an interesting way to Transition between steps, we’d like to see how you’re building interfaces in innovative ways.

to enter, simply share a screenshot of your app, along with a brief description. as always, the submission with the most likes wins!! best of luck.

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Hi everyone,

The intention of this app is to make accessing BOM data significantly easier for the end user, previously we were using a spreadsheet the size of Texas that’s impossible for the average person to navigate.

With this app the user will scan their Kanban/Make card-

From there it will take them to the Part Selection step-

The user has the option to use the Thread/Snaps buttons (these are the most commonly referenced parts) or select a part type from the dropdown. They also have the option to view the full BOM or search for an individual part with the [Full BOM View] & [Search KPN] buttons.

Depending on your selection it will take you to a table view of your selected parts-



It seems pretty basic but there’s a lot going on with connectors in the background to make it function properly!

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hello everyone, we’re happy to announce that the winner for the May App Competition was @Ryne with the Kanban Card. very interesting to read the details of this App workflow, thanks for sharing @Ryne - keep an eye out for some Tulip gear!!

for everyone else, keep an eye out for the June App Competition to be announced today!!