September 2021 Competition [Tulip Library]

hello all!

For the next app competition we will be crowdsourcing ideas for new apps! This is your chance to have an app added to the Library, built by experienced App builders at Tulip.

The winner of the competition will have the app idea they submit built by the Tulip Library team (woah! a free app!?). If you’d like, you can also join and work directly with the Tulip Library team to learn how we build apps that are released in the Library. The winner will also receive a Tulip sticker, like the one seen here below along with Tulip yeti.

To enter, please share any ideas or concepts for apps that you would like to see in the Library in the comment section below. The more detail you can cover, the better. The application does not need to be built, but if you have an existing application that you would like to enter we will gladly accept.

The entries are open from today until 15OCT2021, but the entry with the most likes wins so submit your entry early to increase your chances of winning!

Feel free to vote by ‘liking’ an idea on the post to show your interest. Best of luck!!

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Hi TULIP community!

I would like to use an app to convert TEXT to BARCODE CODE using mobile to compare with other barcode

Hi Community!

An application to following up pending task for non conformance products, or issues observed with alerts to owner and personal responsible to following up.

Hi Community,

An application to following up trainings with alerts to supervisor and dashboard to measure fulfillment and percentage of exam approval, also reminders training date

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What about a time clock for recording shift start/end, breaks, etc.?


Hey @LXM8843 I like this idea! Have you checked out Quality Event | Frontline Operations Platform it allows you to file a quality event (which could be customized to be non conformance) and then there is a workflow that follows the submission. You can check out the article here that would show you how to customize.

Does this fit what you were thinking? If not, please share what you had in mind!

Tool & Gage Calibration (Maybe a supplement to the Tool and Asset Manager Library App?

Purpose of the app would be to document calibration status, record, and schedule of a specific tool. Other apps, like work instructions, could record a tool ID # and verify it had an acceptable status and was not past it’s calibration due date.

The app could also document “perform calibration”, which would record any failures, standards used, adjustments made, and apply a new calibration due date.

@vvora Could you use Digital Stopwatch App | Frontline Operations Platform ?

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Yes! Good recommendation!