Show off your best apps here! Library Contest Launching!

Hey Everyone! We’re kicking off a library content competition to garner the next round of library content from our citizen developers!

Link to submission form:


  1. Content Submission Kickoff: August 4th
  2. Content Submission Deadline: September 8th
  3. Winners announced: October 6th



  1. Analytics Templates – using tables from existing library apps, showcase your favorite go-to analytics template for embedded dashboards. (Example: what dashboards can you create with tables such as (Log) Station Activity History?)

  2. UI Templates and Wireframes – send us your favorite wireframe layout for building clean apps that tell a story.

  3. Starter Kit Apps – what simple, robust apps do you wish were part of a starter pack for new Tulip users?


  • Are multiple submissions allowed? Yes
  • Is simple or complex better? Simple, composable, and robust is ideal!
  • What submission restrictions apply? No sensitive data or company data on the app; everything must be sanitized

Reach out to for any questions

Submission Link: