The New Library is Live!

I’m very excited to share an update to the Library experience - going live today! We have many resources for Tulip users: University, Knowledge Base, Youtube, Demo videos … it can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to find answers! With the new Library we are bringing these resources together.

We’re very excited to hear your feedback on this so please let us know what you think!

Clicking on Library will now bring you to some of our top picks but be sure to click the “see all” button or “see more” to really explore the library.

What’s new?

  • We’re adding some new content types to the library. For example: in community, we often make short videos responding to your questions and requests. These videos can now be searched in the library! Below is a list of the content types now brought together within the library

  • The library is searchable! Go ahead and type something into the search bar and choose from the resources we have to help you solve your problem.

  • New filters let you display specific content types, by use case, or attribute.

  • Related content can now be discovered while you are checking something out in the library. Just scroll to the bottom of the video and take a look at related examples, apps, tutorials, etc

What do you think about the new Library? Do you have any ideas for how we can make the experience better?

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