New Library Release - r59

Hey everyone! I want to share some updates to the library. Check out the release notes, here

A few things to highlight.

First, over the last few releases (and moving forward) we will be replacing or updating all of our content to adhere to current best practices in app building. Some of the apps in the library are old and are due for an update!

Second, the new applications will share a common data model. These tables are running behind the scenes in our Tulip Experience Center. The benefit of this is that you will be able to compose your solutions from library content and ensure that all of the apps in the library work together.

And finally, let’s dive into a couple of items released this time around…

  • The SVG Widget is a small, simple widget, but its one that I end up using pretty often. Take a look at how it works!

  • The Tulip API is really useful, if you’ve been waiting for a unit test that helps you get started and explore our API… take a look at the new Tulip API Unit test