Tulip Office Hours 14JUN2021 [Safety Cross Library App and Adding Timer Triggers to Your Apps]

hello all, we’re looking forward to this week’s Office Hours!! here’s the agenda:

  • II June App Competition : do you have an app that you’re using at your operations on a regular basis but could do with more attention on the design?? if so, we’d love to help you improve the UX/UI, app layout and visual design on your app!!
  • Safety Cross Library App: the Safety Cross app allows you to rack and trend safety issues in an interactive, visual tool. see trends over time and identify specific areas for continuous improvement.
  • Adding Timers to your Apps: scheduling of activities (such as audits, inspections, maintenance, etc.) often need to happen at a regular schedule. to implement these, it’s important to know how to use timers in your apps. join to learn how to set up timers to prompt users to start executing activities at specific times you define!!

following the demo, we’ll be opening it up to Q&A. if you have questions, add them as comments here below and we’ll address them in the order in which they were received. if you don’t have specific questions, join the session and view how other users are building apps for their shop floor.

please complete one of these forms if you’d like to join Office Hours:

we look forward to seeing you there!!

hello all, the recording for the Spanish Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00 June App Competition
5:00 New Library and Webinar (https://app.livestorm.co/tulip-interf…)
10:00 Safety Cross App (https://tulip.co/library/apps/safety-…)
14:00 Timers Triggers on Apps
20:00 Questions - Adding logic to link checkboxes to Table Record fields
Questions - Displaying Interactive Tables on Apps

thanks everyone for joining!!

hello all, the recording for this weeks’ Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00 Introductions
05:00 June App Competition (Design)
07:00 New Tulip Library
09:00 Safety Cross - Library App
11:00 Time Comparisons
13:00 [User Question] Display Image based on a variable
23:00 New Tulip Library - Revisit
26:00 [User Question] REST API return
35:00 [User Question] Integrating Barcode Scanner