UI/UX tips for designing apps

Hello everyone,

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Office Hour and answering your design-related questions! Before that, here are some resources that talk about design principles with examples that can be considered when designing your next app.

Tips for improving user experiences : does your app follow these 10 principles?


Tips for designing app interfaces:

  1. Use a grid system to organize elements. Group things by proximity, use left align elements to improve readability.
  2. Create a hierarchy on each page: what’s the most important element users should see? Make them stand out.
  3. Use components consistently. For example, all the main action buttons should look the same, have the same color, and maybe at the same location.
  4. Pick colors consciously to avoid distraction by limiting the colors used in an app. Red for destructive actions and error messages, green for success messages, and use at most two other colors throughout the app to highlight information and guide attention.

Let us know if you have any questions.