Hello! - Yuji from Tulip

Hey Tulip community!

My name is Yuji Chan and I’m a HQ-based product designer focused on the App editor after spending a year designing Automations.

Imagine a manufacturing engineer as the architect of a building, meticulously planning and overseeing a construction project. Now, picture the product designer as the interior designer, ensuring that the space inside not only meets functional requirements but is also intuitive, efficient, and a pleasure to work in. That’s what I do!

When I started at Tulip, I knew zilch about the world of manufacturing. With almost 2 years under my belt at Tulip, I’ve learned a lot about the industry and I’m completely engrossed in the problem space I get to work in: bridging the gap between complex engineering processes and user-friendly software to empower manufacturing professionals.


Pictured below is me with part of the design <3 team at Tulip