Congratulations to the Tulip Groundbreaker Award Recipients!

I am so excited to announce the latest winners of the Tulip Groundbreaker Awards!

For those who may be unfamiliar, Tulip Groundbreakers Awards recognizes manufacturing engineers and citizen developers who are making an impact in their organizations. We have two categories of award, the Greenhouse Award and the Golden Shovel Award.

The Golden Shovel Award acknowledges individuals who have leveraged Tulip and their app-building expertise in creative, and interesting ways to solve problems, and drive operational value in their organization.

Congrats to our Golden Shovel Winners below!

The Greenhouse Award recognizes manufacturing sites or companies who are empowering their team with digital tools in the spirit of growth and continuous improvement.

Congrats to our Greenhouse Award Winners below!

Learn more about our winners and their accomplishments here: Announcing the Latest Winners of the Tulip Groundbreaker… | Tulip

Congratulations to all on the receiving these awards! It is an honor to be working alongside you in the Tulip Community :tulip: and to get the opportunity to share and celebrate your accomplishments with Tulip :tada:


Whoop, congratulations everyone!!

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Thank you so much for this recognition! And congratulations to all the other recipients of the Golden Shovel and Greenhouse Awards. It’s truly inspiring to see the incredible work being done across different organizations within the Tulip community. I’m grateful to be a part of this innovative and supportive community, where we can celebrate each other’s successes and continue driving positive change in manufacturing and beyond. Cheers to everyone involved :tada:


Check out The Golden Shovel Winners post on LinkedIn!

Greenhouse winners also featured on LinkedIn! Go check it out and celebrate our winners!