Allow Viewing of Previously Published Custom Widget Triggers

I cannot view triggers on Custom Widgets in Read-Only / non-development version of the app. This includes published versions, versions pending approval, and snapshots. The View trigger icon is there however it is not clickable unless you are in the Development version.

I originally thought this was a bug and reported it to Support - the response was this this is “expected behavior”. As a user this is not consistent as triggers in non-custom widgets can be viewed in Read-Only copies of the app and as shown the View icon is there - just not clickable.

This makes it impossible to go back to see how the widget was configured in previous versions of an app and to review/approve new app versions since you can’t see the trigger in the app that was submitted for approval.

Can this feature be added?

Example from a Previously Published Version of an App

@doneil Thanks for logging this. We will take a look and see if we can make a quick improvement.

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