List of trigger that are diabled

It would be helpful if there was a way to look up any triggers that are toggled as disabled. Having this feature would minimize the problem encountered when I forget to toggle the trigger back to enable following testing and only notice when the app doesn’t behave as it should.

What do you think about a List of ALL triggers?
With Name, Type, Location, involved Variables, involved Connector functions, involved Table Records…
Then make it filterable by several properties. so you can also see all disabled ones (and have a switch right there).

If you could then manage Trigger Names and simply call them from anywhere, you’ve got the perfect Trigger Library :wink:

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Sounds like a good approach. Anything similar to where used for variables and table record placeholder, queries and aggregates would be helpful.

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Thanks for the feedback, I like this idea a lot. Visibility into all triggers in an app is a useful feature.

As a somewhat work-around solution, the modal that appears when you attempt to publish an app lists a bit of this information:


For now, this can at least help flag which triggers may be disabled. Hope this helps!