Publishing with disabled triggers

I am trying to publish an application but received a notification that the app has 1 disabled trigger on 1 step. This is great, especially if you didn’t intend to leave it disabled. However, it does not say which trigger on which step, making it difficult to find it. Is there a way to find out which trigger & where? Can the notification be updated to do so?

Hey @RDuke -

There isn’t yet a way to see more detail on its location, but there is a feature request in for this exactly! would a link to each disabled trigger be adequate to find these cases?

Thanks for the idea!

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A link would be fantastic!

Adding to this, I think a method to review, acknowledge, and allow publishing with disabled triggers might be helpful. There may be functionality that we are working on that might not be ready to be published, but we do not want to lose the logic developed. Finally, having a location on the app tab that we can go to to see the disabled triggers, similar to variables, would also be helpful.

@RDuke -

A little tid-bit you might not know. Apps can be published with disabled triggers (and they will be saved as you move into the next version). The ribbon on publish is just a warning an you should still be able to publish even if its showing up.

Can you share a little more about what you are picturing for links on the app tab? like a dedicated section where all disabled triggers are linked?


The ability to publish with a disabled trigger must be new, as I do not think I could do so the other day when I tried (the “Publish version X” button was greyed out) it is also 100% possible I just missed it. Either way, good to know!

Re: my thinking on the app tab, what you describe is exactly what I was thinking. It doesn’t need to be there specifically, just a centralized location where we can find the disabled triggers. I think the App tab might be the best location for it.

Gotcha! This is something we are looking to sneak in sooner rather than waiting behind some larger lifts that are also in flight. Can’t yet provide a release where it should go-live, but its in the works!

Keep the great ideas coming!